School Distinctives

4 Day Week / Limited Homework

Students and teachers at The Oaks School work hard during the day, while knowing that evenings are free to enjoy time with family and engage in sports, music, dance, and other extracurricular activities.  Friday is also a day for families to spend time together or for students to pursue their own interests.  Long nights of homework after a full school day and other activities can create stress on families and students.  Limiting homework creates a more positive association with school and promotes a healthy love of learning.   

Encouraging Learning Environment

Teachers are encouraged and equipped to see the strengths of each child and help them pursue their God-given destinies.   Students reach higher goals as teachers believe in them and call out their strengths.  As students discover their passions, teachers will partner with parents to help direct students to activities that can foster these goals. Students are encouraged to use Fridays as a day to pursue these activities.      

Strong Academics/Leadership Development

Strong Academics: 

Students are challenged to pursue academic excellence through a mastery based mathematics program, thorough Language Arts instruction, and engaging science and history lessons.  

Leadership Development

Students grow as leaders through dynamic chapel services, practical leadership skills, as well as learning skills for healthy relationships.  Students will be equipped for college and the workforce by learning life skills such as financial budgeting, solving relational conflicts, and developing a strong work ethic.