We are honored that you are considering applying to The Oaks School. If we can help you at any point in the application process, please let us know. Feel free to email questions to admin@theoaksschool.org.  


  1. Complete the student application form.
  2. Submit the application fee of $200 online or mail with application ($125 before Feb 15). 
  3. Include transcripts or report card for the previous two years in school.
  4. The Oaks School will contact you to set up a parent meeting with school staff. 
  5. School will notify you of acceptance.  


  1. Complete the Enrollment Agreement and Enrollment Form.  
  2. Submit a current Alabama Immunization record (may be obtained from doctor or health  department) 
  3. Submit copy of birth certificate
  4. Submit copy of social security card
  5. Submit copy of transcripts or report card for previous two years in school. (If not completed above). 
  6. Submit Book & Supply Fee of $500/student. 
  7. Submit Payment Form showing preferred method of payment
  8. For those paying tuition on a 12-month plan, the first tuition payment is due June 1, and the final payment is due May 1. For those paying yearly, the annual payment is due June 1. For those paying bi-yearly, the first payment is due June 1, and the second payment is due   Dec. 1.